Family Cycling is the best

May 12, 2018 0 comments
Family Cycling is the best

Cycling is all about enjoying it to the most! And the fun definitely doubles when you have your family along. Cycling is one of the very few outdoor leisure activities which are extremely safe for the ladies and little ones in your family. But even then, be sure to get the right supporting accessories before making your way on the road. Mycyclingpro offers a great variety of cycling accessories to choose from, which will not only keep you and your loved ones safe but also make you look oh-so-chic with the trendy cycling hats and gloves.

 If you’re looking for some specific famous cycling spots to take your family this holiday season, then worry no more, we’ve got you covered. Listed below are some of the best cycling holiday places for families:

  • Emerald coast, France: If you’re looking for a peaceful cycling terrain to enjoy with your family, then this is the one for you. Through the back roads of Brittany to the lovely seaside town of Dinard, cycling at the Emerald coast with your family will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Monasteries and castle, Austria: From the Wachau Valley to the countryside hill area- Austria provide you with a mixture of terrains to ride on. If you’re looking for a diverse experience, but can’t decide on the place, then Austria is definitely the country to lock.
  • Fjords and Mountains, Norway: What’s more beautiful than spending time cycling with your family in one of the world’s most gorgeous locations? Cycling downhill route between Finse to Flam will give you a picture perfect view which will stay locked in your eyes, for years to come.

Moving on, research has shown that cycling offers great health benefits for children and families. Let’s have a look at some of them in detail:

  • Cycling raises your metabolic rate and helps you keep the extra weight off your body.
  • It provides an opportunity for parents to interact their toddlers and make strong, long-lasting bonds of love and friendship with them.
  • Research has repeatedly proven that teachers have noticed students who walk or cycle to school, to be more alert and open to learning new ideas than those who travel by car. But make sure, that if your young one is traveling to school or any place alone, they do wear proper cycling gadgets such as shoes, helmet, and gloves. Mycyclingpro has a clearance sale going on from where you can get your hands on some useful cycling add-ons for your little ones, that too at extremely affordable rates!
  • Cycling is a lot healthier for children, as compared to sitting in front of the tv and watching shows or playing video games.


If you make cycling trips fun for your children at an early age, then it will be an activity that they will keep on doing for their entire lives, hence, taking in the fresh air and staying fit. But to ensure a pleasant cycling trip, you have to ensure that your family wears proper cycling attire and accessories every time they go out for cycling, whether with family or with friends, or even alone. Cycling injuries can prove to be very fatal, hence, taking precautionary measures is highly essential.

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