How to Save Yourself from Cycling Injuries

Almost every kind of sport involves injuries and accidents. Sports like formula one racing, dirt bike racing, drag racing, etc. are prone to some serious accidents. Luckily, the sport of cycling revolves around fewer injuries and accidents, but that doesn’t mean that one should be careless about it. Safety measures need to be taken before going for cycling. In case of an accident, one must know how to save himself/herself and recover from it quickly. But to avoid the occurrence of accidents in the first place, it is important to follow safety instructions and buy cycling gadgets including, but not limited to, cycling helmet, cycling gloves, and cycling wear. Mycyclingpro has some useful collection of accessories to choose from, at amazingly discounted rates.

If you are planning to take up cycling as a new hobby or you are a professional cyclist, here are some of the causes of the injuries and the ways that can help you prevent those injuries during cycling:

Tight Parallel Distance:

Whenever you’re cycling behind a rider, you tend to cross him by his side. When your front wheel crosses the rear wheel of the cyclist in front of you, it reduces the distance and thereby the time to respond to any kind of change at that moment. If the front rider makes any kind of immediate change, the odds of you bumping into him or crashing on the road increase by a large amount. First of all, make sure that you have worn a safety helmet to avoid head injuries, in case of an accident.

Moving on, to avoid this overlapping between the two, keep an eye on the speed of the front rider. This overlapping happens mostly in the corners so whenever you come across a corner, glide in towards the corner and leave a buffer room for any kind of change that the front rider makes. This will allow you to anticipate his movements and react accordingly.

Chain Reaction:

Suppose the rider in front of you hits a pothole or a drain and falls consequently. Not only will it affect the rider immediately behind him, but it will also start a chain reaction by making other riders fall because of the blockage of the track. To avoid such chain reactions, the best way is to cycle up front. But, if you’re in the middle of the riders, try to get inside since the impact of the crash if the most in the outer periphery of the pack. At all times, keep an eye on the riders in front of you and the available space in between.

Misaligned Paceline:

This injury usually happens whenever you are riding parallel to someone else. If you happen to be slightly in front of the rider beside you, your movements become critical to the riders behind you. Your speed increment or the surges can make it hard for the riders behind you to anticipate your right speed. If this situation occurs, to you, try not to accelerate immediately. Instead, match your pace with the pace of the bunch and let others go back or in front. Whenever you find the opportunity, try making some space and accelerate in the time available so that no one gets distracted by your movements.

Improper Cycling Gear:

This injury is mostly for the novices who try to cycle in the casual clothing. Wearing loose clothes while cycling can put you in some serious trouble. A baggy trouser, for instance, can get stuck in your pedals or the chain, leading to immovability of your feet which can cause you to crash. Do not compromise on your safety. Buy proper cycling apparel which includes cycling jersey, cycling shorts, cycling gloves and cycling shoes. Make sure that you wear a helmet even planning for a cycling trip because safety comes first! If you’re from the USA and you’re looking for such stuff, say no more! Go on to mycyclingpro and you’ll find a match for everything that you need.

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