Road Cycling Vs MTB Biking

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Road Cycling Vs MTB Biking

Cycling is one of those sports which is divided into several different sub-categories based on the type of cycling. For instance, if you cycle in the mountains and rocky terrain, it’s called mountain biking, if you do it on the roads, its called road cycling. Similarly, we have tracked cycling, BMX, cyclocross and many other types. While every type of cycling has its own kind of flavor, we are here to discuss the most heated debate on the sport of cycling; Road cycling vs mountain biking.

Road cycling and mountain biking are totally different kinds of cycling. One is more consistent, focused and speed oriented, whereas the other is more challenging, adventurous and bumpy respectively. If you want to know what kind of cycling would suit you, then keep reading this article as we go through the pros of both types. Know both types and decide for yourself the style of biking that would suit you.

Road Cycling:

  • If you are just a starter and you’re looking for the simplest type of cycling, go for road cycling. You won’t have to buy expensive bikes which are stiffer, more shock absorbing and intricate. Just buy a simple road cycle, the buying of which doesn’t require professional expertise and hit the road as soon as possible.
  • Road cycling enables you to cover more miles and explore more. That doesn’t necessarily mean that one can’t cover more miles via mountain biking, but since mountain biking is more of restricted to a single mountain or a couple, it doesn’t let you go further a particular circle.
  • Since road bikes do not encounter as many bumps and jump as compared to mountain bikes, thus they require less maintenance. It might be possible that you’ll only have to lube your chain once in a while and do nothing beyond that. That might not be the case of mountain bikes.
  • Road cycling is more convenient to do so. If you live in some plain area where you can’t find any mountains and rocks, you can simply hit the road and enjoy the sport of cycling. No need to go and search for mountain ranges.
  • Road cycling is a very ancient sport and it has tradition and history. People who like following a sport with rich history need to go for road cycling instead of mountain biking.

Mountain Biking:

  • The sport of mountain biking is free from all the urban substance. There won’t be any cars and motorbikes to interrupt your sport. You can cycle around without having to listen to the cars honking on your way.
  • Mountain biking is closer to the natural environment as compared to road cycling. Since there won’t be any car, you’d breathe fresh and pure air free of contaminants like carbon dioxide. If you want to cycle in a healthy environment, mountain biking is your type.
  • Mountain biking is more challenging as compared to road cycling. All those people who are looking for a weight-loss and good cardio sessions, go for mountain biking as it can meet your needs.
  • Mountain biking is more versatile as compared to road cycling. You can choose from cross country, downhill, Freeride, all-mountain cycling and many more. Suit yourself accordingly.
  • Mountain biking is more adventurous as compared to road cycling. Young bloods looking for some challenges and adventures can certainly go for mountain biking and quench their thirst for


Considering the perks of both types of cycling, one can easily choose the type of cycling according to his mood. Apart from all that, even though mountain biking is more adventurous and challenging, it doesn’t mean that it is only for men. Men and women can equally enjoy both of these cycling types. But, to make sure you get the most out of your cycling experience, follow the safety drills, wear a helmet and proper cycling apparel, carry good quality cycling accessories with yourself and ask for cycling tips from the experts. Once you make sure of all of these points, you are good to go for this amazing sport, by all means. And hey, mycyclingpro offers some great cycling add-ons

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