The Right Products to Buy before you take Cycling Professionally

While cycling is a leisure activity for some, it is a professional sport for many other people. Becoming a professional is not a piece of cake. As easy as it looks on a television screen, it's not the same in the real life. It takes sweat and years of training of an individual to be a professional in this sport. Apart from working hard, having the right equipment and accessories is equally important in a professional’s life. All of the efforts can go in vain if you don’t train on the right bicycle and have the proper accessories.

Here’s a list of all the right products that you might need before choosing cycling as a professional sport:

A Bike:

The most important thing that a professional cyclist need are a right bicycle. Choosing the type of cycling is the first step in narrowing down on your bicycle. There are road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes and whatnot. Choose the type of cycling and then your bicycle accordingly.

Gear Set:

Make sure that your bike has the appropriate gear set which is well suited to your body movements and the terrain where you are cycling in. If your terrain, mostly includes the hilly areas and mountains, then you need to have a compact chain and gear set. If you’re cycling on flat roads, then you can go for standard gear sets which are designed to give you more speed on the flat surface. For professionals who need to switch between both modes swiftly, a semi-compact gear set is a perfect fit that allows them to adapt according to the given conditions.

Cycling Apparel:

Cycling apparel helps cyclists get the most out of their effort. Specially designed cycling jerseys and shorts help them do less effort and achieve more. The compressional jerseys and shorts create positive aerodynamic effects, offer less resistance against the downstream air and help in the easier movement of the muscles and bones. If you’re cycling in a bumpy terrain, padded shorts can be a real-life savior as they save you from the aches of the bum. Another important part of cycling apparel is the cycling gloves. Since there’s a lot of sweating involved in cycling, you wouldn’t want to lose grip on your steering handle because of the slippery palms.  Last but not the least, buying proper cycling shoes can enable you to paddle more efficiently and without any pain. Wearing casual shoes would not only increase the weight and resistance, but they can cause pain in the bones of your feet at the end of a long training lap, too.


Nowadays, the helmet is not just a safety equipment. Apart from doing its primary job of protecting your head, a cycling helmet helps in shaping your head into a favorable aerodynamic shape that offers less resistance during cycling thus making you more efficient in your cycling. A good professional is very choosy about his helmet. He makes sure that his helmet has good aerodynamic design and the proper strength required to save him from accidents.

The reason why the professional cycling is so different from the leisure cycling is that it requires proper equipment. From bike to cycling gloves, everything matters for a professional. Become a better professional by critically choosing the right products and standout from the rest of the bunch. To have the right set of products in the USA, log in to mycyclingpro to have the most appropriate gear for yourself if you want to stand out as a better professional.


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